NASCDr Edward (Ted) MahDr Edward (Ted) Mah | Services

Dr Edward (Ted) Mah | Services

Dr Edward (Ted) Mah provides the following services:

  1. Assess and provide unbiased advise to all Hand, elbow and shoulder orthopaedic conditions in children and adults
  2. Provide treatment including surgery for the following conditions:
    1. Injuries to the hand, elbow and shoulder – bone, ligaments or nerves
    2. Degenerative conditions such as arthritis to any part of the hand elbow and shoulder. For example wrist, elbow and shoulder replacements
    3. Nerve conditions such as numbness and weakness in the hand due to carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve or radial nerve problems
    4. Tendon conditions such as tendonitis, tendon laceration or rupture
    5. Bony problem such as fracture, fracture that either did not heal or healed in an abnormal manner
    6. Work related conditions involving the hand, elbow and shoulder
    7. Provide Specialised opinion, Independent Medical Assessment and Permanent Impairment Assessment for injured workers

Dr Mah is a specialist hand, elbow and shoulder orthopaedic surgeon and will provide the utmost care for all of his patients. He is committed to his patient’s health. 

Dr Edward (Ted) Mah

Doctor Edward (Ted) Mah is the Professor of the College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University of SA and Head of Orthopaedics at Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN). He is the Director at North Adelaide Specialist Centre to provide specialised service in Hand and Microsurgery, as well as Elbow and Shoulder reconstruction surgery.

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