About North Adelaide Specialist Centre

About NASC

North Adelaide Specialist Centre

NASC is a friendly, personal, efficient and attention to detail medical centre that provides highest quality specialised medical services in Hand, Elbow Shoulder and Gynaecology services.
NASC was established in July 2006 following relocation from Calvary North Adelaide Hospital as Calvary Orthopaedic & Hand Care Centre established by Prof Mah in 1998. Dr Jane Zhang became a principal partner at NASC during the transformation and started providing specialised gynaecology services.

Professor Edward (Ted) Mah & Dr Jane Zhang ​

Both Prof Mah and Dr Zhang provide personal and the most up to date assessment, advice and treatment for all medical conditions related to hand, upper limb and gynaecology respectively. Prof Mah also provides comprehensive treatment for patients who sustain work related injuries, as well as Independent Medical Assessment and Permanent Impairment Assessments for patients with upper limb injuries.

NASC also provides health consultancy services for companies and industries under Fuller Health Consultancy.

The day to day running of the Centre is managed by Ms Rebecca Bartlett, PA for both Prof Mah and Dr J Zhang.

The specialist centre operates between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday except public holidays. Please refer to the section on Appointments for booking and related information.

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